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Burning sage, a sacred plant, helps you feel grounded, and it removes 94% of bacteria in the air. This ancient ritual offers clarity, vision, strength, and wisdom. Before lighting the sage, open all windows and doors, so that the negative energy can leave the space.



Open all windows, closets and doors

SET INTENTIONS. Your intention is immensely powerful when it comes to cleansing with white sage. In addition to asking the sage to clear and protect your energy and space, invite in your guides and angels to help release negative energy into the light as well.

For example: I now ask that my guides and angels, along with the energy of this sage assist me in releasing all negativity, density, and energies that no longer serve, into the light of the Divine. I ask this for the highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will. And so it is.

While you're smudging, use smooth movements when wafting the smoke around your home, body, or objects. Once your sage is smoldering, hold it over a fire-safe bowl, plate, or shell so you don't drop ashes on yourself or in your home.

Once you’ve cleansed a space, the energy often neutralizes. At this moment, it’s important to fill the space with the energy of love. Bring in some fresh flowers or light a candle to hold the lightness.




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