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The Intention

Welcome to Astral House!

The Intention of Astral House is to give you the tools that you need to help you rewire your mind and to help you create a Mindful Environment.

Whether its through the guided meditations, or products with meaning that bring you a sense of calm and happiness, we have the power to become less stressed, get better sleep, and to pause and refresh when facing life’s challenges.

As an Integrative Health and Mindfulness Practitioner, I recognize the power of a sacred environment, mindful tools and rituals. Such a place is deserving of beautiful things, and when I didn’t find the quality and aesthetic that I was looking for, I decided to create them myself!

It started with the hand poured soy candles in my kitchen and quickly turned into other mindful home beauties, like the premium crystals hand picked from one of the most well respected Crystal Suppliers in the nation. Because materials and our environment matters, I choose ingredients that you can feel good about. 

Mindfulness isn’t just about taking ourselves out of place, and chanting OM in the comfort of one’s home, it's a support for being at peace exactly where we are.   Finding time for what matters most helps us fill our lives with the deep connections that make us feel understood and fulfilled.

It starts with us, with Mindful Awareness.

Please check back soon for Guided Meditations.

With Love, 




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