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The busier you are, the more you need Mindfulness

Merging Mindfulness Practices, Modern Neuroscience and the essentials of Integrative Health, Astral House helps to bring out the best in the most important asset of any organizations- its people. Through live training, guided  practices, assessments and ongoing programs; we help you develop emotional self-awareness, which supports strong effective communication, strong leadership and collaboration.



The ability to focus on the present moment with curiosity and openness. It’s a foundational skill that underpins emotional intelligence.


The ability to recognize your own and other people’s emotions and use this information to guide wise thinking and behavior. Workplace studies show that emotional competencies predict performance, leadership effectiveness and well-being.

Mindfulness enhances emotional intelligence, notably self-awareness and the capacity to manage distressing emotions. It also delivers these measurable benefits like Increase in Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Productivity and Job Satisfaction.

Other Benefits: 
Develop Outstanding Leadership
Experience Overall Greater Well-being
Reduced stress
Lower blood pressure
Improved memory
Less depression and anxiety  

A number of well-known companies have implemented mindfulness programs for its employees. For example: Apple. Google, McKinsey & Company, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gambleand Aetna. In fact, Aetna managed to quantify its Mindfulness program results as $5000 saved per employee in medical bills, which doesn’t include the positive impacts on turnover, rehiring costs, retraining costs, customer service, or client-facing sales.



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